How to make a VM with VMware Workstation pro 15!

So I originally wrote my How to make a VM with Virtualbox post 2 years ago and never did a VMware version and I think it’s about time for me to make one! [I now have a video version to follow along with this -]

What you will need:

  1. VMware -
  2. Windows 7 Iso -
  3. Some time lol
  • For the VMware install you just have to go through the typical setup and don’t have to make any changes in the installer.

  • Once you get VMware installed you will get a page that looks like this:

You just need to click the “Create a new Virtual Machine” button to get started!

  • A msg will come up asking if you want to do “typical” or “custom”, For this tutorial, we are just going to go with they “typical” option.

  • Next, you will get a few options for the install of the operating system, for this just choose the “I will install the operating system later.” option.

  • For your operating system choose “Microsoft Windows” and then for the version choose “Windows 7 x64”, That should look like this here:

  • For the name, you can put whatever you want. This is the same case for the location, Put it wherever you want or just leave it as default.

  • For the hard disk I recommend, 60 - 100 for a scambait VM for it doesn’t look un-legit to a Tech support scammer. Then choose “Split virtual disk into multiple files”.

  • After that VMWare will choose the rest of the hardware options itself and now you just need to click “finish”.

  • Now your VM will popup BUT WAIT! we are not done yet, We still need to mount the ISO we downloaded at the start of this tutorial.

  • Click on “Edit virtual machine settings” as seen here:

  • Then select “CD/DVD (SATA)”

  • On the right side, a few things will show up. Select “use ISO image file” then click “Browse”

  • A windows file explorer will come up[ and now you will need to go to the directory where you saved your ISO files at and select it. Then just click “okay” when done.

  • Now just click “Power on this virtual machine” and boom you are good and it should start the Windows 7 installer! From then on you just install as if you were on a normal computer!

If you liked the tutorial check out my VirtualBox tutorial here!: How to make a VM with Virtualbox

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Great guide SR thanks. I would like to know how longer do you think Windows 7 should be used for baiting? - I am new but went straight to using Win10 which is fine but problematic when trying to hide trojans and such like.

Keep up the awesome work - NC

Id say probably for another year, scammers use the operating system and don’t seems to want to stop using it anytime soon.

Cool, thanks man - Loving the channel by the way. My Netflix account has never been so disregarded since I found you on YouTube :slight_smile:

I’ve a few questions I’d love to throw your way but I appreciate this isnt the best place to do that. can I reach you any other way or do you prefer to not bother with PM’s?.