How to replace .lnk shortcut files to execute malcious exe file

I often see ScammerRevolts delete all files from desktop including lnk files and other locations using AnyDesk. This gave me an idea to do more harm on scammers computer without interacting on desktop. This is useful for ratting

Copy your favorite malcious executeable file to your C:\Users\Public
Create a shortcut of the .exe file to your desktop. Copy your shortcut to your favorite location and rename it to match one of scammer’s lnk
You can add icon from build-in dll or from any .exe files if you want (icon might disappear on scammers computer if location doesn’t exists)

On Anydesk, copy executeable file to scammers C:\Users\Public
And copy and replace lnk to C:\Users(username)\Desktop

That way when scammer double click on replaced shortcut again, it will execute exe from C:\Users\Public instead hehehe