I am not sure what to do next if they don’t. How do we apply pressure to a Russian company?

Send in the Ukrainians, lmao.


I asked for an update. Here’s the (non)response.


Looks like Tilda finally took it down.

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They are at a new URL:

It is possible that they moved to a new host as well.

Nope same host. Just changed enough to make us think they did something.

Clearly Tilda doesn’t want to do anything. I guess we all still have to keep messing with them until they give up. Unless someone has a better idea?

They seem to be targeting Canadian citizens specifically. Does Canada have an equivalent of the FTC?

Sort of. Canadians are advised to report scams to this organization: Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre

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Well, let’s start there while we figure something else out.

I am a Canadian Citizen so I will do that today.


I think some progress might have been made. Over the last few days I have not been seeing Google serve up their ads. I did report them a bunch of times. Thus I am wondering if there is a way to confirm this?