Hunting Popups with AI

Are you sick and tired of finding numbers to find out they don’t work? Well, there is a solution called ‘FearToxin Public Scanners’

What is Public Scanners?
Well, it is a discord server that uses AI to find Popups, phone numbers, phishing pages and more for scambaiters to use it and then posts them in the discord for people to call. This tool has been used by the likes of Jim Browning, Scambaiter, ScammerBlaster, and Nanobaiter. We also have reporting tools, allowing members to contribute to the feeds and have malicious sites taken down without dealing with hosting providers and forms.

What scanners does it have?
Popup AI to find live popups
Nomorobo scanner
BTC search engine scams
BTC YouTube scams
Phishing Scanner
and more