I beg you for any working scam number

I wanted to waste and frustrate scammers but for past few hours it is me who has his time wasted. None of the numbers posted in past 48 hours is active. Any working number please?

tech scammer number will always work 1-855-400-0205

Wife is getting SSN scam calls today from this number: 541-678-5563

Feel free to blast them

Check out my (first!) post a few !minutes ago if you still want some. Just got two of them yesterday so hopefully they’re still good.

Check this tech scam:
855 852 7658

it works. I just tried it a couple of times.

I just bait this: 8774202435

Would like to know what I’m getting into …MS refund, MS tech support, IRS scam

ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty hope thats 20

I called them. Here is a link to the call. He said they have an A rating on the BBB LOL.