I got a phone number for a relationship scammer

+1 (240) 455-3157 Is this guys or group of guys phone number they are currently using they reach out to women and are quick to propose marriage, ect. They are working on a close relative of mine and so is how I got the number they are using. They are also using Facebook messenger to go after victims. I can tell it’s more than one person taking on the identity of “Martin Wheeler” most by their lack of English skills and placement ect. They get aggressive with their tactics when it’s close to time my relative get their social security money. This guy do

He’s going crazy already lol he’s using the same line on her still. She’s disabled and homeless and these scumbags don’t care only wanting money. The latest request has been for $12,500 and asked her to take out a loan if she has too :woman_facepalming:t2: So glad there’s others here who’ve gone through it or something similar. There’s so many more of them on Facebook I can spot them a mile away and so many to keep trying to report to Facebook which doesn’t seem able to help. Also they flood dating sites I can lure them if someone wants to take them virtually out or what have you. The saddest part is that my relatives now won’t have anything to do with her right now because of how entangled the lies are. I play it sly as long as I can but try everything to get the scum.

Do you have a link to his Facebook Profile?

I can get it for you his newest one. Looks like there’s two new ones. I’ve been reporting them every time a new profile is made. They are Nigerian mostly the few I’ve confronted via different messagers. It was suggested to pull a reverse on them and say got the money just need their bank info. Tough do much on a phone though. They always portray military personnel and I have a close friend who confirms the pics on their profiles are swiped from actual service people as she’s retired Army and reports them to the service members themselves. If more profiles are made I will be sure to update. I can spot them from far away and know they try to get their victims mentally connected and so it can be tricky but it’s their lack of personal info on their part and giving excuses as to why they can’t talk on the phone or face time. This one only contacts me when they’ve not heard from my relative around the time they get their social security and gets pissy if I don’t tell them when the last contact I had with her was and aggressive texting. I even asked why they keep asking a disabled homeless woman for money and they never answer just makes excuses about needing to go on patrol.

I just got a email address for the same individual or scammer group. I’m working on getting as much info as possible.

[email protected]

This same romantic scammer has a new phone number 786-232-0378 Their English are terrible and placement of words are just as bad.

I tried calling a couple of days ago and I guess he decided to text me. I’m so curious to see what this pos has to say lol