I got scammed by a "scam baiter"

I gave him $5 to support his cause and I looked on my bank statement and I had $260 was missing I was naturally very upset because I work very hard for my money and even $5 was a lot for me. Needless to say I contacted my fraud department at my bank. Their response was “well you shouldn’t be so careless with whom you decide to donate to” so now I’m out $260 and am basically scammed by someone who is supposed to be stopping scammers. So everyone just be careful not everyone is who they portray online. Be safe people and before you donate make sure it’s legit. I was honestly trying to donate for a good cause or so I thought.

What? What? What? Sorry i have to do that it has to be at least 20 characters

What? Do you mean? Im not understand and yes I have bank statements that I will post

Needless to say I will be posting everything online. I’m quite upset about the whole thing. Any advice on what I should do next? Or just take the loss? I never in a million years would have thought something like this would have happened. I’m hoping it was some kind of mistake, I watch and follow him and he does a lot of good.

Who did you get scammed by? Are you sure someone else didn’t compromise your card?

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If it was through stream labs I don’t really see how this is possible unless you gave him your bank/PayPal details, and if you told your bank what you are saying here I don’t think they would give you such and unprofessional and irresponsible response. They should have started a chargeback process on said payment.

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If you donate you usually donate through something like twitch or patreon. Did you “donate” by giving him your banking or credit card info?

There has to be a mistake… How did you donate the $5? How did this transaction take place??? And are you 100% sure the $260 charge came from him? Have you tried contacting him at all? I know it might be easier said than done but it’s worth a shot.