I got scammed

I ordered iPhone from china and send him1400 dollars by western union
He never send me the phone and he don’t reply to my msg
That the email
[email protected]
And his phone number is closed

I don’t know what to do
I want to scare him so he return my money
I need help

I want someone hack his cam take his picture
To scare him or his location

I really need help I’m in need my money :cry:

I have his bank account also

The only thing that can be done is to learn from the mistake. Your money is gone, Im sorry. There is a reason why scammers use wire transfers.

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Can someone hack his laptop and web cam :sob:

He still sending msgs from other emails
That’s there’s phone offers I don’t want him to scam someone else he should not get away with it

If you still getting messages from him with phone numbers post them. There is a section litterally dedicated to that.

Sorry you got scammed

He’s phone is always closed

He only do by email or wechat

Nothing wrong with posting the email. If the information isn’t out there then nothing can possibly be done. If the info is out there… Who knows?