I need help deleting scammer’s files

Hi everyone! I have been in the scambaiting community for a while now, and let me say, its very fun. However, I see people such as ScammerRevolts deleting scammer’s files. I would like to learn how to do the same. After all, the more people we have deleting scammer’s files, the less people are being scammed. Watching ScammerRevolt’s videos I can see how he deletes their files on a separate window on his host machine. However, I am not sure how he is able to connect to the scammers on his host machine and delete their files. If anyone could explain how this is done, I would GREATLY appreciate it! Lets team up to try and stop these filthy animals!

Social engineering, that’s really it. You need to be good at talking to them and using qwerks in their system of scamming and knowledge to your advantage.

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I understand that, but I don’t understand the process of connecting to their files on your host machine. Do you just download anydesk on your host machine and enter their ID? @ScammerRevolts

Yup, that’s what I usually end up doing.


Do they get a popup at all telling them that someone is trying to connect to them? Like do they need to click an accept or anything? Or can you just connect to them without them knowing? @ScammerRevolts

Oh and one last thing. (Sorry for all the questions) Can they connect to your host machine at all? I want to make sure my host machine / main PC is protected before attempting to connect to them using my host machine.

Yes they have to accept and yes they can send a request to your main pc which you have to accept or deny.

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Ok I gotcha. So in your videos do you have to convince them to accept your request? Or are they just dumb enough to accept it and give you access to their files? @ScammerRevolts

Both, it really depends on the scammer usually.

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Ok perfect! On that note, I will try to delete some scammers files!