I scammed a scammer, now he wants to team up and use our skills together. Lets Scam him

TL;DR: I got a scammer to log into a fake iCloud account, got his number, IMEI, and name. I then apologized and after some convincing I have built up enought “trust” for him to “team up” together… I wanna fuck him over, and need help.

The long story… my girlfriend and I were looking online for Dogs, and we saw this ridiculous deal. As expected this was a total scam the dude wanted iTunes gift cards. So I played dumb and led him on sent him pics of gift cards etc. I then told him that I added the cards to my iTunes account.

I then made a fake iTunes account, gave him the login, and the dude logs in on his phone. That gave me access to his real phone number, IMEI of the phone, as well as some photos that uploaded to the iClould drive. At this point I proceed to tell him I have some of his information, hes very afraid I hacked his entire phone. So we continue to chat.

This leads us until today, where I had a conversation with him on the phone and he wants to do a 70/30 split and team up for some scams! Perfect! I am now gaining his trust! The question now is, with this information I have on him and potential trust, where should we take this? I saw some stuff here on how to run scripts to format windows etc etc. I’m open to basically everything even if someone else wants to take the lead (YouTubers). I’m pretty sure I can easily convince this guy to open up files on his computer/phone, or whatever else you guys have in mind, i’m game for it. Lets have some fun!

(I wasn’t sure what to tag this, moderators if you can help that would be great)

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I moved this to general since no number is given and you’re just asking a question of how to mess with this guy. Just seems like a fitting category–
I would say you could just get him to keep connecting. You’ll get more info that way. Also welcome to the forum!

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