I successfully scambaited Premium Techie Support. Full exposure

I caught Premium Techie Support doing their full scam. I was searching for random popups a few days ago and it lead me to them.

This was the first time I succeeded in doing a non-joke scambait. My channel is new and my experience in scambaiting is limited, but I’ve watched a lot of it over the past several years.

I like it and I plan on doing more of these types of scambaits. You know the classic stuff. Especially when it comes to rouge antivirus programs and those fake cleaners.

In this video you will find some of their other malware programs. Its a long video so maybe get a snack.

The idiot that connected ran a script to see if it was a virtual machine, but just didn’t read it. It appears in the Logmein event logs in the video. Even their crapware displayed Virtualbox.

I hear that it is really hard to bait these guys because of their ability to see if people are using virtual machines, but I think I found two of their obscure numbers.

833-423-6820 PTS number that I originally used. I’m not sure if it still works or not.

855-446-9808 An alternate number that their malware started to display later on. I haven’t tested it. They blocked my Textnow and FireRTC isn’t working for me at the time of this post.

xxx.onlinepctools.life (Universal PC Care)

I’m not good at editing, but I did my best.

If anyone is wondering why I use a standard account on my VM’s it is mainly so the scammer’s get frustrated as they can’t syskey it or install something without my permission. It also keeps the Adguard DNS servers with adult site filters that I use from changing to keep them from opening adult content during a live stream.

By the way, I know my username here says Dreamtide, but on Youtube and DLive name is Earthshine. I made this account before I started streaming.

Youtube link: https://youtu.be/ORvBpRgMM9g

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Another PTS number 1-800-239-6096