I think this is an IRS Scammer

I’ll be honest, I don’t ever call these guys, I dont have the time, but I love posting the numbers and seeing it on youtube a week later! It’s like interactive news. LOL

So Anyway. Another Call in my GV voicemail box:

Apartment to notify you we have found some issue with your current Social Security number, so we have decided to suspended and issued a new one to you. So in order to get more details on it, I want you to give me a call back on my department call back number, which is 772-207-4336. I repeat, it’s 770-220-7436. If I do not get any call back from you, then. We’ll be here to proceed further. Thank you and have a blessed day.

The actual number is: (772) 207-4336

PS if someone can help me find a way place to upload the voicemails, I’ll start posting the audio files rather than the Google Voice Transcripts.

@JB_HTB I know you can upload audio files to Sound Cloud, but I’m not sure if you can transfer the voicemail to your computer without recording it……. There should be a way to do that.

That’s a good idea. I use google voice and can directly download the audio file from VM. I’ll have to get an account created.

@JB_HTB Ok, that’s cool.

You can use YouMail and when they call you back you can ear rape them by using a high pitched noise… WARNING! DO NOT WEAR HEADPHONES WHILE LISTENING TO THE HIGH PITCHED NOISE !WARNING