If a scammer asks for a credit/debit card

^link to free debit card, I recommend you watch the video before first

(I didn’t make the video it’s just really neat, and the person didn’t make it for scambaiting I just thought it would be useful for scambaiting)
It’s a Russian visa (the scammer can’t tell that it’s Russian) and you can use it if you want for real purchases but I just use it for scambaiting and leave it empty (if you don’t verify your identity with a passport you can’t add U.S. currency into it only Russian currency)
Why would you need this? Some scammers for them to “assist” you with your computer need to have a valid credit/debit card from you before they do anything

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or use privacy.com to get virtual cards it will def make them rage.
it connects to payment but gives you a virtual number (kind of like a VPN for credit/debit cards) cancel as soon as you give them your info though.

If you use privacy.com theres a lot more verification that you have to do this is simple and easy to use

if you have an old depleted nonreloadable Visa gift card laying around, that’ll work too provided the date on it is still valid.

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