Importance of VPN for the type of scambaiting I do

Hi friends!
I use a VPN about 50 percent of the time when I remember honestly, and I’m just curious if I should be more Diligent about this.
For context, I either call scammers from gv or tn, and mostly just take up their time or troll them. I’ll follow the script right up until it’s time to connect to my computer, then give them a bogus teamviewer ID or just move onto Hindi insults/banter.
Given this, is the VPN still a good idea? Is it possible at all for the scammers to track my IP through google/text now?
Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


If they aren’t connecting to you, it’s not as important. However, if you have a system you use for scambaiting. I.E. clicking on any links/forms, use a vpn.

If you have an issue with remembering to connect. Most vpns have options to connect on windows startup. If you want to go extreme, depending on your vpn, some have the dead switch setting. So if you disconnect it kills internet access on the machine.

As a for instance, I’ve been wasting time of catfish IG scammers. Usually want me to invest in bitcoin. So at some point, I’ll send a grabify link hidden as something. So if they aren’t using a vpn, I can see where they are located and their IP. Which is fun to scare them telling them their location and IP.