Information harvesting or something i don't really know

Got this email a few days ago if you want to reply put it in google translate and translate to Lithuanian. There were a lot of spelling errors so here is the part that you need to send out if you want to break their scam and I added a translation to english like this ~word~ so that you can understand:
Vardas ir pavarde: ~Name and surname~
Šalies: ~country~
Lyciu: ~gender~
Kontaktinis adresas: ~contact adress~
Mobiliojo telefono numeris: ~mobile number
Okupacijos: ~home adress~
Šeimynine padetis: ~Marital status~
Amžiaus: ~age~
Šalis: ~country~

Here is the full email translated to English.:


We would like to inform you that the World Health Organization has provided you with an exceptional EUR 1,500,000.00 disaster relief in the form of COVID-19 social assistance.

It is therefore advisable to send this information to the w.H.O Trust Fund so that we can process your application [[email protected]]

Name and surname:
Contact address:
A mobile phone number:
Marital status:

send this information to the I W.H.O Trust Fund so that it can process your application [[email protected]]

COVID-19 is genuine, please follow W.H.O’s instructions and any advice from the government and health service. Together, we can help the world fight this pandemic and make the world safer for all of us.

Covid-19 Support Team
World Health Organization.

forward it to the WHO. having checked their FAQ page, the address to forward to is [email protected]