Introducing Myself


I wanted to take the time to introduce myself, I mostly just troll scammers because I don’t have a virtual machine set up yet, once I get one I will start messing with them even more. My Mother was scammed so I take these scams very personal and I am glad others are fighting back against them as well.



Welcome to the forums bivin! :relaxed:

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Welcome & good hunting.

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I Understand Completely! 2 1/2 Years Ago When I Got My First Real Computer Was Taken By One For $129.00. If You Need Help Getting A Virtual Machine Down Load The Free Ap Called: VirtualBox. Get That Using E Explorer. I Watched YouTube Videos On How To Set It Up. Try: MikeTheTech or Mike The Tech YouTube Videos. Don’t Forget To Get A VPN BEFORE YOU LET THEM CONNECT To Your Computer! It IS For Your Own Security! I Go Thru SafeVPN. Then GOOD HUNTING! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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The VirtualBox Is From The Company Called: ORACLE I Believe. Then Get The Free APP Called: TextNow From The Microsoft Store. Create An Email Address For A Fake Identity For Yourself. You Can Make All The Free US Calls & Toll Free Calls You Want. The Program Will Ask You Which Area Code Do You Want The Telephone Number To Be From. As Long As Your Computer or Smart Phone Is Connected To The Internet You Can Place FREE CALLS!

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Right now I am not home I am at my brothers watching his house so I brought my cloud book with me and found a way to set up a virtual machine on my usb drive. I just don’t have much room on the cloud book but its cool I can have a portable one that will work on my desktop too. Plus it will be funny if they try to syskey it, for one its windows 10 lite I know they removed syskey from windows 10 plus since it is a usb stick I can just reformat it if need be lol.

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I don’t think this will work this cloud book only has two gigs of ram and VIrtualBox is running really slow. Might have to wait until I get home and put it on my desktop, this cloud book is only for taking other places when I am not at home.

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First In Order To Make Any Virtual Machine Work In A Computer You Must First ENABLE The “Virtualization in BIOS Windows 10” Check That Video Out On YouTube. "How To Access VIRTUALIZATION in BIOS Windows 10. You Can Find Out If The Virtualization Has Been Activated Mode On Your Windows 10 Computer, It Is Also What I Run, Press & Hold The Following Keys: Ctrl +Shift + Esc. Hold Them All Down All To Gather Then Release. On The Little Screen That Will Appear Click On The PREFORMANCE Tab. In The Bottom Right Corner, Close To The Bottom Right Corner Of That Page It Will Indicate Weather The Virtualization Is In Either “Disabled” Or “Enabled” Status. Also, Check Out The Following Video On YouTube "Double Your Computer CPU Speed For Free. That One Is By: ThioJoe or thiojoe I Did It For Both Of My Windows 10 Laptops.

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First: Click: Windows Key/Icon
Then: Click on: “Settings”
Then: Click on: “Update and Security”
Then: Click on: “Recovery”
Then: Click on: Advanced Startup “Restart Now”
Then: Click on: “Troubleshoot”
Then: Click on: “Advanced Options”
Then: Click on: “UEFI Firmware Settings”
Then: Click on: “Restart”
Then Start Up Menu Will Appear
Then Press: F10 BIOS SETUP
Then Scroll Across To: “System Configuration”
Then Scroll Down To: “Virtualization Technology”
Then Press: “Enable”
Then Press “F10” “Save and Exit”
Then It, The Computer, Will Ask: “Save Changes?”
Then Click On: “Yes”
Then “Restart The Computer”
Although I Have Printed, Typed, The Procedure Out, Do Watch The Video Anyway To Get Familiar & Comfortable With This Procedure.

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Thank you I will do that now, well after I post a new number I got, this one was tested and is still working. I did manage to get it to work better with windows 7 but it is still a bit slow so I will try the settings you showed above, thanks again.

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That did work pretty good plus I am going to do a ram optimization tonight it can take all night so I have to do it tonight while I sleep ThioJoe has a video on how to do it.

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That Is Excellent! I Saw That Video As Well.
Also, There Is Another Video Describing the programming of a Virtual Machine Done By Someone else. I Think By A Young Lady. In That One The Person States To Increase The Speed Of The Virtual Machine Set It At 32 bits Even Though Your Host Computer Is Running at 64 Bits. It Will Make The Virtual Machine Run Faster. When I Created The ISO For Windows 10 I Was Given The 3 Choices: 1) Set The ISO For 32 bits 2) Set The ISO For 64 bits 3)Set It For Both 34 &64. I Chose Choice #3. Also, I Don’t Know If It Is The Video On Increase Your CPU By ThioJoe But I Did What The Video Directed. It NOTICEABLY Increased The Speed in Both Of My Laptops. The Older Laptop Has A CORE i3 Processer in It. That Means When It Exited The Factory It Was Programmed to Run 2 Of it’s Four Processers. I Activated ALL FOUR (4). SPEEEEED is What I Got. The ACER With It’s CORE i5 Exited The Factory with 4 of it’s 8 Processers Running. I Activated ALL EIGHT (8) Of Them! SPEEEEEED Is Also What I Got With That. I Wish I Had A CORE i7 They Have 16 Processers In Them! Well Hopefully This Will Give You A Better Start/Run Out Of The Starting Gate. Get Into A Scammers/Hackers Computer Then Disrupt, Disable, Steal Their Information, Slip Them A Nasty Virus And Then Get The Hell Out Of There Before They Notice/Can Do Anything About It! :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:

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Yea but I only have a 32 gig hard drive on this cloudbook so I use portable and it doesn’t have the both choices either one or the other. I will put one on my desktop once I finish its upgrades. I did setup an android virtual machine on a 32 gig usb stick and it works ok was thinking of calling them and when they ask just say well I think its windows lol. Or use the Chrome OS, but I think I will setup Windows 10 VM Believe it or not it has the least lagg but I will watch those videos as well. My Desktop should be ready soon, its running that RAM Diagnostic but it is taking all day.



I just called up a scammer call center and said…Hello, this is Ben from United Scammers Association, I am happy to let you know that your call center has been chosen to attend a free seminar on How To Scam Like A Pro, though it is free there is a one time charge of five hundred dollars, payment must be made with itunes and steam gift cards, two hundred and fifty dollars of each, I will stay on the line with you and help you so get in the car and go get them. … They were so pissed at me and I didn’t record it I was trying to but didn’t hit record by accident.