IRS Scam 7163001924

Typical IRS Scam. They use a very bad VOIP call system, cuts in and out.

I am talking to Officer David Walker bitch id 940397, the reason for this call is bc there is a lawsuit vs me. He wants me to grab a pen and paper or pencil. He wants me write down his name and bitch id and case file number ON19-2827. Listen to me very carefully lol we are on a federal and 3 way conference lol it must be honest lol so scripted. 2011-2017 these years are re adult the amount of taxes is not matching he says that I need to pay them of $3868 4 violations vs me lol. Now he is telling me how to fix this, he says I need to pay him this over the phone. So he wanted my credit card only he did not want the expire dare or CVV now he wants me to fill out a form lol This process will takes 2 hours with this guy this is great. Ha well I will be on the phone acting dumb.

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