Is it possible to use TeamViewer(QuickSupport) or Suppremo in reverse?

Hello there everyone,
I have noticed that scammers use Suppremo or TeamViewer (QuickSupport).
A while ago, TeamViewer used to block connections from India so victims would have to connect to scammers PCs then switch sides in order for scammers to access their PCs. But nowadays I see that scammers can immediately connect to victims without any issues (I guess they’re just using a VPN or TeamViewer has lifted the ban) .
And regarding Suppremo, scammers can directly connect to victims pc just like TeamViewer nowadays.
But I have seen some youtubers getting access to scammers PCs through Suppremo.
So does anyone here have an idea of how do they do that?
And for TeamViewer, Can I still access scammers PCs like before?
Thanks in Advance