Is it safe to call scammers? [Read]

Is it safe to call scammers using an old phone with a fake phone number registered to a fake email using a fake area code? The number is generated with TextFree. Anyway, is there any way scammers could track addresses, IP’s, etc? (They aren’t on my pc.)
I’m asking because I’m calling them and blowing a recorder as loud as I can into the phone… Obviously they’re going to be upset.

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On another note, is it safe to call with Google Hangouts? Will they be able to grab my ip/address then?

I use google hangouts and x-lite, seems “safe” so far …I even use my cell phone (its a burnrer so I dont care) Its all fun and games messin w/ scammers …the longer I keep them on the phone is the less time they can be stealing money from other people