It's Scammer Time - MC Scammer on Youtube

I am a retired Air Force veteran and feel my calling full time is to help our country in a different way.

Objective of the Channel

*Bring awareness to scams to protect ourselves
*Live Stream calls with video and remote access with a modded Virtual Machine
*Provide entertaining videos of file deletion, network disruption, real time victim protection, gift card redeeming
*Documentary style videos of investigations into scams and who is behind them to include traveling to their doorstep.
*Interviews with ex-scammers, scammers and victims

Examples of Capabilities
*Ability to view the call and what is happening on my virtual machine
*Different characters with different personalities with voice changing calls
*Fake Bank of America accounts and other spoofed websites
*Gift card redemption to frustrate the scammers (i.e. Google Play cards, Target, etc)
*Remote Access of Scammer’s PC (lets delete and mess with their accounts and access)
*Identify potential victims and inform them in real time (or help asap)

Goals of the Channel
*Generate money to help people who have been victimized to help rebuild
*Become monetized and be able to sustain this without using personal funds as much as possible
*Currently I am making this a legitimate business with my home state
*Forming a 501(c)(3) for helping victims of scams

This will be a legitimate business LLC and the goal is to help people and not to get rich. The money from this channel’s main purpose is to improve the scambaiting process but most importantly help our citizens who have been duped by criminals.

The quality is improving, in my last video I didn’t have the voicemod on. Even so, I am working towards getting a better cam, condenser mic and a better studio. It should be way better and more entertaining by the end of the week and beyond once the equipment arrives.

If anyone would like to collab, let me know. I would love to do something with @ScammerRevolts as he is who got me interested in Scambaiting. I have been watching his videos since 2018.

MC Scammer

MC Scammer YouTube Channel


Sub’ed to your YT channel. Fellow AF here and was stationed in Binsfeld, Germany, Spangdahlem AFB as a Viper driver.


I was there in 2009 for a couple years! Ever been to the blue lagoon lol??
Thanks for the sub, its just the beginning!


I was there in the 80’s and don’t recall that “establishment”. Trust me, we found many other places to consume schnapps over there. My favorite was Kirschwasser! It helped me ‘sprechen gut Deutsch’, though sometimes it required sucking on some 100% oxygen the next morning, lol.

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Well this email is not what I expected. I have been banned and deleted from YouTube. They claim i am the scammer. Anyone have experience with appealing YouTube and advice on what to tell them to have it reinstated?
Here is the link to the screenshot
Ban email screenshot 1

Ban screenshot 2

Screw them! Go get yourself a channel. Most other baiters migrated there due to the wokeness and scammer friendliness of YT.

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Thats bs if they are calling me out for scams when i am trying to educate people to not be victims

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Of course it’s BS! But that’s how these mf’ers are on that site. Yet they let scammers post obvious scams…Makes me sick.

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I wanted to have my content related to awareness and of course videos of scam calls not just live streams. And the integration of other social media like Twitter and Instagram is seamless. I feel like i would have less exposure on twitch. I hope they reinstate me. I would still livestream once or twice a week if i had to on twitch but i don’t know how to get discovered on that platform

I can ask Pierogi for his advice on that.

That would be amazing if you could. Maybe mention I would love to help next time they do a people’s call center. I made this my full time job to help people

:+1: You could also reach out to Scammer Revolts for some info/advice. He’s been doing it on YT for a long time and knows his way around!


He has given me some advice, he is how I became interested in the whole thing

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Youtube is weird. I got a copyright claim on a video for a song that wasn’t even used in the video in question. I’m very confused, and expect nothing to come of my appeal, but eh. Trying anyway.

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Thats weird bro. YouTube is on one

Give this a read as it shows you are not the only one scumbag YT does this to.

Just read it. Thats ridiculous man. I want to be able to post videos that can potentially earn me some money to help fund my business and create a 503c for victims of internet scams. Can you earn money on twitch for anything other than livestreams? I know about subs and bits but can you do content besides streaming? Or can you recommend something else?

Its been almost 10 days and no response from YouTube

Liked your latest video on YouTube bro

I’m not knowledgeable whether Twitch pays, but people watching the stream do contribute and if they subscribe to the channel you do get a cut of that.