I've created the ULTIMATE CMD virus!

I’m sure that @ScammerRevolts & @Chrone would appreciate this one, especially when I created it to be a powerfully offensive and defensive tool to buy time whilst you delete files.

In an earlier topic post I created, I’d provided a YouTube link as to how to go about creating a true classic…the “Rick Roll” virus - in case you’d missed seeing the tutorial, click here.

So, I decided to refresh my digital forensic skills and have a go at creating my own virus that operates as a DOS (Denial Of Service) attack or a DDoS (Distributed Denial Of Service) attack, for more info on this attack type, click the link. - I designed it to be so extremely powerful that it lags and/or freezes the scammer’s PC with a programmed 4 minute shutdown countdown in which it opens a barrage of internet pages with so many running processes, that the scammer CANNOT close his/her browser due to the infinite barrage of opening tabs and running process that kills their network (perfect to buy time to delete files and prevent them from disconnecting their RAT); pretty sneaky and genius, eh? ::wink: :smiling_imp:

I’d tested it and it is tried and true, if you would like to have the script sent to you, send me a private message. HAPPY HUNTING, FOLKS! :heart:

~ I’d love to one day see @ScammerRevolts try it out on the next scammer he decides to destroy! :smiling_imp:


Thank you bro @omalley2027 been waiting for it :partying_face:

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And of course, I did fail to mention some time later, that this tool is also perfect to buy time within those 4 minutes to “SysKey” the scammer, so once you’ve deleted the files, etc. you have that “forced shutdown” to help trigger the SysKey! If ANYONE is at all interested in acquiring this tool, please message me privately so that I may email it to you. (It will not HARM your PC like a DOS attack would, but if you decide to test it out, you WILL need to restart your computer as it will overload your browser and freeze everything). It is STRONGLY recommended that you save any and all work before testing!


@omalley2027with this tool a scammer is going to cry


HELL YES, HE WILL! LMAO! He’ll be so busy trying to close the windows, that he won’t even begin to know what in the name of god hit him! And, like most butt hurt mellinial snowflakes today, he’ll be crying and need a “safe space” to deal with the traumatic reality that he IN TURN got SCAMMED! :laughing:


COMBINE IT with “syskey” ALONG WITH changing the program name and icon so he can’t identify the .bat file, and he’ll be having a full blown psychotic break! You’re welcome, scam victims everywhere! :smiley:

The only problem will be when his defender or anti-virus detects it :frowning:

No - Antivirus will not detect it at all. I tested it by scanning the program with Avast, and it didn’t detect it and said it was “safe.”


I would like to have the @omalley2027

Typing error… The link

Just that you can’t do that if the scammer is running Win10 FCU or later
Bitlocker takes forever to set up…

Even if the scammer is running Windows 10 or later, the program will still open. It’s just simply been created using “command prompt”. :slight_smile: Also, any antivirus programs will not conisder it a virus being that I left out a string key that would essentially “weaponize” the program as a virus - hence, it’d be considered “safe” by the antivirus.- and being that you can change the icon image and rename the program, it’s concealment at it’s finest!

It also makes to be a fun, harmless prank to pull on your friends! :smiley:

I once created a batch file to prank my friends it was to open Chrome and then after a few seconds close it again and a message box will appear saying Chrome crashed. But, the moment I renamed the Shortcut Google Chrome and put the Chrome logo, my antivirus (Kaspersky) immediately said that active malware was detected and it needed to disinfect my PC. :expressionless:

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Hmmm… That’d be the first time I’d heart of that, normally it shouldn’t trigger an alert… I’ll try to test/research that.

More info: Detected as Trojan.Win32.StartPage (though this doesn’t change the start page of any browser :expressionless:

It will detect it as a virus and try to delete it on anything past win10 FCU. Cmd used to be undetected until programs like this came about, just because it’s command prompt doesn’t make it invisible. Neat program though.

Edit: Try a DDOS in python or powershell, I think it may be more of what you’re looking for.

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Thank you, @Unknown_User & @OrangeGroupTech. I will certainly look into that! I appreciate the honest feedback! I will attempt to re-work it. :smiley:

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How do I get my hands on this glorious tool?!


You mean @omalley2027’s one?

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