JetBlue Travel Scammers (877) 559-0132

Scammer number: (877) 559-0132
Scammer website: none
Any other scammer information:

Yes, you can change the name on your JETBLUE flights ticket, but it is subject to certain conditions and fees. You will need to contact JETBLUE flights customer service at 1(877) 559-0132​:selfie::raised_hands: or :eagle::small_airplane:1(877) 559-0132​:selfie::raised_hands::eagle::small_airplane:to request a name change and provide the necessary information.

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Call back from β€ͺ(866) 208-3607‬…Bob from β€œreservations”.

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Callback 1-347-363-2440 , 1-866-208-3607

So they can’t seam to find Terok Nor….i wanna fly there so bad!!!..….

Sheesh, so many old number still going. These scammers are still active and posting: (877) 559-0132

How can I talk to Qatar Airways?
You can communicate with Qatar Airways through multiple channels: - Calling their customer service hotline at :phone:+1(877) 559-0132 (𝗨𝗦𝗔) & +1(877) 559-0132 (UK // :rocket: // :telephone_receiver:+1(877) 559-0132 (𝗨𝗦𝗔) & +1(877) 559-0132 (UK :rocket:. - Using the live chat feature on their website.