Job Offer Scammer

A company called Axill-Solution contacted me with a job offer and in the letter they tell you they saw your resume on Ziprecruiter and then they ask you to join telegram to text your “supervisor” who’s name is Dan Brown (see attached image) who’s picture is a modified image of some Russian guy as I did an image search on the picture. I did text him to see what would be the catch to this job. I got an email with his user name on telegram which is mrbrown_85. He says he is a Senior Director and wants me to complete a direct deposit form which by the way is sketched bc a guy named Brian Heinz name and signature is on the bottom. When I informed them that I was on the phone with my bank to help me fill out the form Dan freaked out on me. I was told not to share with a 3rd party and once I said I was informed by my bank that the form was sketchy he immediately blocked me on telegram and deleted the chat exchange.
The HR person is the same guy using a voice change thing to be a woman by the name of Jessica Portman. She only answers if you email her and some Indian guy will answer any other time. Even if they miss your call you will be called back. The number is 541-236-3226. She ask for a drivers license pic next to your face as well to make sure you’re yourself. Then you’ll be instructed to fill out a trial contract which gives a fake job description and then you sign. The only thing that made me realize it was a scam was the voice of the guy and the operators voice matching the call center voices from your videos when the scammers do not pick up.