Just got this call 2 minutes ago. Refund - company is closing down

I’m so happy to join the fight. I just received a call claiming that I recently paid for technical support, but I am entitled to a refund because the company has been forced to shut down. I’m a newbie here - sorry if it is a repeat. I sure hope they are “Salty”!

The number: 844-435-0017

Has anyone given this one a try?

Hey Antiscam, so this is what refund scams are all about ok. The scammers say they are going to give u a refund of x amount of money and then they want to connect your computer to there’s ok. Next once they get into your computer they will ask you to log into your bank account then usually what they do is black screen your window so you can see so what they do is they right click and inspect and change the program language on the site so they are actually taking money out and making a new account so it looks like a deposit was made but its not. If u watch some refund videos you will get the idea.

I’ve been watching Scammer Revolts for a few weeks now. Such a pleasure watching them get screwed over. Love watching them rage. lol! I’m learning very quickly! Thanks for the info.!