LCIF Lion's club scam on FB. What can I do?

my sister’s FB page was hacked and all of her contacts were sent this note

Are you aware of the cash fund donated by the selected facebook profile by the (LCIF) Lion club international foundation free grant?
The organization is set to help people to pay bills build home buy house pay school fees for kids ,medications,retirement to take care of themselves and more
Here is the agent contact details…
Her name is Agent Linda Perry
(608) 352-9536
Text her your name
and as well tell her i told you about the program!Text her that you want to know if your name is. Still Available on their winning list so as to apply for the LCIF grant program

now they keep bothering me with "have you text yet?
Is there somewhere to report this or should I just forget about it . What whould I tell my sister to do to protect her FB page

Automated answer was fast, now lets play.

EDIT: Ok I texted her my name then she asked for ID so if you wanna play the game longer, plan accordingly. I got busted in mere seconds XD