Loan scammers - (872) 219-3076

Number: (872) 219-3076

Someone fucked with their auto outgoing calls and this is the voicemail XD

This is an automatic message from Lending Club congratulation. Sees me either I’m actually a scammer calling from India trying to steal your money usually I like to try to make up a story like I’ll pretend to be your bank threatening to shut off your debit card or maybe the I.R.S. is going to arrest you or perhaps Microsoft wants to give you your money back or really any other bullshit I can think of to try to get a hold of your bank account what’s that you don’t have any cash to give us it’s fine we actually only take Bitcoin or in a pinch i Tunes gift cards whatever you do though don’t bother calling this number back because we spoof that trying to get you to answer the phone because you thought maybe somebody local was calling you got that check is still 2009 now you might be thinking yourself hold up this call actually sounds like a real person though not like those fake sounding text to speech Royce’s Or perhaps you’re thinking Jesus H. Christ.