Looks like Fire RTC is down or something

I was going to call some scammers today but I would like others to check this but this is what my screenshot said.

The site is up, seems to be a problem on your end :thinking:
(Is your date & time correct? Are you using any proxy? Can you click on “Advanced” and tell me the Errorcode, maybe I can help)

Although they still don’t allow new accounts :pensive:

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This is not a new account I have many badges on this site for how long I have been an active member and posting things all the time but let me take some more screen shots and show you. So once you click the link that says the error code certificate then you just get a bunch of code from the certificate. Also I have not made a new account or editing anything I just went on one day I came home from work and saw this and was like hmm ok then maybe the site Is down for maintenance.

The site’s still up.

What happened is that the SSL Certificate of phone.firertc.com is expired. It was valid until last saturday. If you still want to visit that site, you can click on “Add Exception” (see your screenshot) and then visit the site normally.

Translating to:
This Certificate cannot be verified because it expired
Valid until: Saturday, 13th of April 2019

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Thanks for your help Steve, I have no idea something free would have a expire date? That seems kinda weird. But I did what you said and now the page loads but I don’t see the layout like It used to be.