MAC scammers

here is the number: (833)­­ 822-1219
here is their website
do not download their software it is a RAT (remote access trojan)
connect on team viewer and go to settings>touch id and passcode>set a passcode and lock them out
or use mac computer and either enable parental controls or lock their computer with a password and enable a master password.
the settings for mac computer to lock them out is in System Preferences>users and groups.

I just called the number is active this guy said he was not Microsoft so I was messing with him and I was like so u can’t help me fix my problem? He said no u have to call Microsoft. I was like but the pop up says to call you? So then I was like so do you fix Macs and he said no clearly this guy is new because if you go to website its meant for Macs and obv the program is fake and gives fake errors then he was trying to get all techy on me and I told him how do u fix Macs and he said I know each and everything I was like ok then so how do fix a Mac what commands do use like cmd, event viewer or what? Then instant hang up sorry I did not catch the guys fake name but this one was fun to play with.