Mail scams



Think about how many different ways there are to make an online inc0me these days.

The opportunities are endless!

BUT there’s so much competition.

So when something as S3XY as this comes along in a USD480 M1LLION Industry…

…it’s difficult to ignore:

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7100 W Camino real 402 Boca Raton
FL 33433
United States

Dear [email protected],

The ρassword for your Аρρlе lD has been successfully reset. For more information,
please download the [docx] file.


Take a private loan of SEK 10,000 up to SEK 600,000, no security or mortgage required.
You choose whether you want to accept the bank’s bid or not, if you are satisfied with the interest you accept and get the loan paid.
Benefits of applying through a loan broker:
We talk to the lenders for you
Competent service and help
The offer is not binding
We find the offer that is best for you
Apply here - get answers the same day
Example rate of interest 5.3%, SEK 70000, 15 / year, established. 495kr,
Avikostn 35kr / month. Total: SEK 108 346
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This email does not come from Axo Finans, but from one of their partners.
You get this message because you participated in a survey /
competition online and thank you for receiving good offers via e-mail. If you
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or write to: 141 Robert E. Lee Blvd , # 352, New Orleans, LA, 70124


Last chance: 01/17/2019
Reward: iPhone X [128 GB]


Your answer is highly appreciated, you have (1) iPhone X waiting for your action.

It is already packed and ready for delivery, even though we cannot send it before sending the delivery information.

Please send your delivery details as soon as possible.