Maintenance department group: (701) 490-9470

Number: (701) 490-9470

Their customer call is from your existing on line maintenance department group or I changed support to let me know that your contract for the software of your computer has been expired yesterday during the contract there will be a charge to run $1500.00 which will be automatic debited from your account if you would like to cancel the contract today please call us now on our toll free number showing on funk display 7 hour run for an I know 9470.

The scammers ip:

Called them and they said “you guys are making our lives hell” and I read their IP to them… they are scared shitless.


Well I emptied one of his computers and spent maybe 20 min calling around the whole call center spamming the chicken noise b4 I even posted it here lol


lol I called and basically did psyc ops on them. Your scambaiting voice sounds exactly like one of my buddies, and I have gotten pretty good at sounding like you. They probably thought I was you. Well at least we know their lives are hell!

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