Malware Scam


These are the numbers that I have most recently seen so look out

Number is active they want to windows key and r hh h, he tells me to jump to this URL lol he is trying so hard with the connection, so now he wants to try again and he gave me another support key which I did report as abuse. Ok now he is telling me to go to the same website I am not going to lie this person must be hurting for money bc he is still trying I am surprised he has not found out that I am wasting his time and this software does not work with my VM lol. Now he is going to transfer me to a tech lol. I got the SR tech on the floor, windows k and letter R This program will also not work on VM. Chrome Lol these scammers I am waiting for them to hang up but I have wasted now over 30 mins of there time which is great. Now he is says there will be charge of $100. I asked how can I pay you if you are the SR tech and you remote in and he said he would have a DIAG tech and I was like but he is under you. Now he wants my email lol so I just made up my email to my first and last fake name at gmail. Finally I wrecked him and he said f u and hung up wow I called the first number.