Mass prize scam

ok, are you ready?

most scambait thing ever, one, the url, two, the favicon flashes between black and a red 1 like a discord ping, three, in the source, the entire thing is a template, 4, the “winners” are constant, and just put randomly on there, 5, the “winners” always are the same, 6 , this “brad jenkins” is a constant, and is written in the code, and is always the “most recent winner” , does not show up where the “recent winners” are shown, 7, 14.05.2019, is 2/05/2020, 8th, the chances of 2 5 billion marks occuring in the same town, 5 days apart, is next to impossible, i even calculated it, over 1 in 209 million billion years could that occur in the span of 5 days, 9, the confetti covers everything; on an official “giveaway” confetti is never used, because 1: it covers stuff up; and 2: it makes things look bad, 10, the “prizes” that you “win” for “free” are actually scams to steal your credit card information.

just, don’t fall for this, nor the fedex/amazon scams occuring recently

edit: also, congrats 5 bilth search, you may be our next lucky winner click on a blue trophy to get that prize blah blah blah, You have to hit the green choose button, not the trophy, SCAMBAITERS, ARE DUMB IMBOSOLS WHO CANNOT CODE, LIKE I CANNOT TYPE!