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Scammer number: 828 479 0846
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Dear Customer

Your Subscription with McAfee Security will Auto Renew Today and USD 519.05 is about to be debited from your account by Today. The Debited Amount will be reflected within the next 24 Hrs in your statement. In case of any further clarifications or block the auto-renewal service please reach out Customer Help Center.

Order ID: 4562782842
Invoice Number: USYTRFCD367835

Description Quantity Unit Price Total McAfee Service (One Year Subscription)

Subtotal $ 519.05
Sales Tax $ 0.00
Total $ 519.05

If you didn’t authorize this Charge or want to cancel this order? To cancel & get an instant refund of your annual subscription,
please contact our customer care : +1 828 479 0846

Thanks and regards,

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Callback (650) 676-8931‬ (MagicJack) Crappy software was “inbuilt and you can’t find it”.

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