McAfee refund bs

Any other scammer information: See below. I removed my email that was listed.

Regarding Your PC Protection Plan
Renewal Details

Date : 30 September, 2022

Dear Customer,

Thank you for choosing our services

Your individual McAfee Total PC Protection Plan membership expires today.
The plan you choose will determine whether this subscription will automatically renew.
Please see the list of your purchase’s highlights below.

Customer Support Helpline : +1 833 570 5331

Billed To:
Registered Email :
Customer Id : 8009443277
Invoice Number : DMYQ-592241
Order Number : 9922778031MCF

Product Description:

A/C Type : Personal PC
Product : FY/PC4
Charges : $412.99
Device : Windows Computer (4 user)
Quantity : 12 Months Subscription
Payment Mode : Auto-Debit

This Email confirms that your subscription has been renewed for another 1 year with McAfee Total for
$412.99 on September 30, 2022

This Subscription will Auto-Renew every year unless you turn it OFF, No later then 24 hour of
before the end of subscription period

To Cancel The Subscription , Call : +1 833 570 5331

Thank you so much

I’m Robert Peterson
Billing Team Dept.