McAfee refund scammers 888-446-0975

Scammer number: 888-446-0975
Scammer website: Unknown
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HIV No 4799316702

Date 11 July 2024

We acknowledge your message about the activation of your McAfee subscription. Our team will verify the payment status of your invoice.

Contact us at +1 (888) 446-0975 to report if this transaction was not authorized by you.
Note: Despite our efforts, we haven’t been able to connect wth you. Confirm your choices wth our billing department if you wish to proceed.

For any inquiries related to canceling and refunding your yearly subscription, our customer support team can be reached at the number below.

Item Description
McAfee Total

We’ve been attempting to confrm your preferences without success. Get in touch with our billing department if you’re interested.

Sub Total: 199.45

Terms and conditions This membership includes a 24-hour Tax DAD% grace period before expiration and will automatically renew for an additional Total 199.45 three years if deactivated.
For Support: +1 (888) 446-0975 Please do not reply to this automatic email, as it is not constantly inspected, to speed up the process.


Call Center Location: Kolkata, West Bengal India :india:
IP Address: :india:
Falsely claims: “McAfee was pre-installed on my computer”
Remote Access Software: ConnectWise from, then Ultraviewer