McAfee Tech Support Scammers

Hello, today I bring to you a McAfee tech support scammer.
I’ve wasted about an hour and a half of their time and if you’d like to do the same it’s up to you.
They have a popup (easily closable) which directs to a call centre. Once the initial technician “diagnoses” your your computer issues by running “dir /s” and typing a fake message and say they are unrelated to McAfee, you are transferred to “another company”. I was transferred to AOI Tech Solutions LLC which I couldn’t find much details on.

Popup site:
Toll free number (UK): +44 8000 418 980
Toll free number (US): +1 8008 927 021
Toll free number (AUS): +61 1800 549 759
I spoke to a lady named “Jennifer” here and she was logged in as a “Tony Hall” on GoToAssist. Unfortunately they use GoToAssist but I was hoping they used teamviewer and let me connect to them but they didn’t.

Those numbers claim to be McAfee themselves.
AOI Tech Solutions LLC:

Toll free (UK): +44 8000 485 364
Toll free (US): +1 8448 679 017
Toll free (AUS): +61 1800 861 574
I did not get the man’s name from here but he said God bless me at the very least. I have audio recordings as well if anyone wants them.

They have a LinkedIn which seems to be inactive and an unclaimed company page:
As well as a Facebook where there seems to be somewhat helpful posts but don’t be deceived.

Their address seems to be for an apartment complex and I couldn’t find their business name registered anywhere but don’t quote me as I’m from Australia and don’t have a whole lot about the business system in the US.

Popup image:

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It’s probably worth mentioning that they ask for a McAfee License key and although during the first steps you can just give them a fake key, when their technicians work on the PC they’ll eventually ask for a key that works. Obviously, I didn’t have one so I convinced them to activate it using their own key (don’t ask how). This was the very first scammer I called myself so yeah, just pointing out details for being able to social engineer them.

Also here is a link to their registered tech business