McHelper - The scum scam company that just wont leave

I made this video: MAKING A WHOLE SCAMMER CALL CENTER RAGE! - YouTube on McHelper 10 months ago since this post and it has 87k views. I have contacted GoDaddy at their number and so-called “Abuse” email but the site still hasn’t been shut down.

I have been trying to get this site shut down for such a long time now so if u guys can report it to GoDaddy and maybe they will finally do something about it.

McHelper website:
2nd website:
bbb page:

McHelper Number: 1-888-995-5185

GoDaddy Number: (480) 505-8877

Email GoDaddy told me to report it to: [email protected]

Old scam report on McHelper: Redirecting

Hotmail scam report:$100.00

Another scam report: McHelper Review: They won't help you to solve computer problems -


i think mackeeper is also another scam site that will auto install its app onto your mac than make itself the default

I tried to report them to the BBB and they want an invoice or receipt of the product or service, cancelled check(s) front and back or credit card/debit transaction and any paperwork relating to the issue. Obviously I have none I just want to report them so they get shut down but I’m not sure what to do.

Their phone system is odd, I can ear a customer and a tech talking together. What the hell is that? If nobody wants to shutdown their domain maybe we can coordinate a DoS on their call center


But they seem so legit!



That mic quality and the sound effects :joy:

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As the valley lasses say. “I can’t even”.