McHelper - The scum scam company that just wont leave



I made this video: on McHelper 10 months ago since this post and it has 87k views. I have contacted GoDaddy at their number and so-called “Abuse” email but the site still hasn’t been shut down.

I have been trying to get this site shut down for such a long time now so if u guys can report it to GoDaddy and maybe they will finally do something about it.

McHelper website:
2nd website:
bbb page:

McHelper Number: 1-888-995-5185

GoDaddy Number: (480) 505-8877

Email GoDaddy told me to report it to:

Old scam report on McHelper:

Hotmail scam report:$100.00

Another scam report:


i think mackeeper is also another scam site that will auto install its app onto your mac than make itself the default