Medicare robocall turns into "gift card" scam

Scammer number: (207) 559-1762
Scammer website: NA
Any other scammer information: I’ve got to check my recordings on this, but I managed to waste a few minutes of at least three “agents’” time before it was done. I really thought this was going to be a spoofed number.
The initial call was a robocall about increasing Medicare benefits. I talked to two peoople with accents I couldn’t quite place. The second “agent” might have caught on that I was trolling her, because she told me they couldn’t find a licensed agent for ZIP code 90210, but someone would call me back. That ended that one.
I tried the number with SpoofCard, and was a little surprised to get a different robovoice yakking about a gift card. I told the Indian (?) guy who answered when I pressed 1 that I had been talking to someone about Medicare, but they hung up on me. He said all the Medicare agents were busy, but offered me a “$100 gift card” that could be used at Walmart or other places, for a small shipping fee. ($1.50, maybe?) I gave him a fake credit card number, and he apparently checked it and found out it was invalid. The conversation then went something like this (I’ll call him “B.B.” until I get his “real” name off the recording):
B.B.: “That Visa number is invalid. Can you check it and give me your number again?”
Me: “No,”
B.B.: “What do you mean, ‘no’?”
Me: “What part of ‘no’ didn’t you understand?”
B.B.: “Why won’t you give me your card number?”
Me: “Why would I give you my card number, Benny Bhenchod?”

Some days, this is what “retirement” is all about. :smiling_imp:

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Lmao. You “hollywood” folks don’t need medicare!

I know, right? :grin:
Before I gave him the fake “Wisa” card number (I pronounced it that way, but I’m not sure if he did), I gave the “gift card” guy the same fake name I had given the Medicare “agents,” plus a fake address in Trollboro, Michigan, 40210. I “borrowed” some of that palaver from JayBeeTV on YouTube.
I sure hope my new recorder is working now, because I want to see if anyone recognies the accents of the first two “agents.”

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UPDATE: I seem to get different robo-answers when I call the number. The most recent is about “a $100 Walmart gift card,” and I’m pretty sure the “agents” I talked to were in India. (“Can you please prowide me your card number?”) Yesterday it was something about “save $100 on your [unintelligible].”

make them think you’re stupid. Talk over them with long rambling stories. Maybe even try to get them to laugh a little. Take up as much of their time as possible and be sure to hang up and call again a few times to charge their 800 number with more calls and more minutes.