Medication refill scam - (707) 388-4058

Number: (707) 388-4058

Guys will say you have a refill and then pretend to check your account, say you don’t have a refill then ask if you want to but other medication.


so we called them again and again, connecting them together for about 2 hours. And there was this one girl who was very mad. So I had a conversation with someone who wants to marry her but she said she is engaged and has to wait until her kid finishes school to marry her husband. I had some conversation with both of them.
Today I called back and asked for the 22 year old girl. After about 5 minutes, I got to her. I said do you remember me and she said yes and tried to sell me pills. Then this indian guy said “ASHLEY GET BACK TO YOUR STATION! HE IS JUST TRYING TO WASTE YOUR TIME” and they hung up.

same kinda scam as this number but she sells fake insurance instead 573 576 0826