Microsoft cancelation department - (908) 747-2603

Number: (908) 747-2603

Call to use that today $499.00 are automatically deducted from your bank account for the Microsoft Windows and license key renewal if you would like to cancel the subscription and want to get your money refunded back to you please call us back on our helpline number 190-874-7260 extension 3 again the helpline number 190-874-7260 extension 3

the website they use:


I got one of them good lol, this is a damn beautiful sight!


I only lasted 2 min and he was already so fucking pissed and screamed at me for no reason LOL mightve been same dude

“Hey scammer. Hey Scammer.”

They’re still scamming people, I just got off the phone with them trying to get me to go to

Just called them 30 times. Same freshie answered every time. They must not have caller ID, 'cause I’m still not blocked. I just got bored with him. I don’t do VM, so I just waste their time as much as I can. He wanted to hook me up with Anydesk.