Microsoft Edge Pop-up

Just joined today! I got a popup twice in MS Edge while looking at animal save videos, I looked thru the topics and haven’t seen this number so I thought I would post it. 833-299-7608 What I do to get out of the pop up is hit ctrl-alt-del and bring up task mgr and select MS Edge then hit end task…when I select Edge again instead of opening to the pop up page like it used to it now brings up another tab/page that lets you close all tabs but before I do I hit report this issue then close all tabs. Is that the easiest way to get out of the pop up or is there a better way? Other than surfing I am really not that tech savvy. A

Got another phone number for the pop up that happened again on MEdge……our old friends listing as Microsoft Support are invading…I haven’t seen these two numbers posted so have fun people!!


@SpxInvader these popups automatically switch the browser to full screen and that’s why the close button is not visible. No need to open task manager. Just press F11 (try ctrl+F11 if it doesn’t work) and you will again see the normal browser window, then you can just close that particular tab.