Microsoft fake computer warning popup msg

Number: +1-833-310-0111

Link: hxxps://

Error # DT00X02

The number is still active I am talking to a guy named John, 1 time security for $199.99 is for the security and $25 for tech fee. Error DT00X2 POP-UP Scam - Removal and recovery steps (updated). Fake Error number. This scammer goes right for the credit card they don’t even DIAG your number or remote into your computer the link I gave is obv a fake error code. Now is trying to remote into the my computer. Windows key and R, fast support they take me too. So he hung up. So this number is active so call away.

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lol funny these guys add a $25 “fee” what scumbags!

Yeah so onto of the 199.99 they add the 25 tech fee lol I was like lol. But yeah these guys are active.

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