Microsoft fake pop up

Got some more numbers. +1-877-319-2999

I called them thrice. First 2 were a fail. ( Altho during the first try, I wasted 30 mins of his time). The 3rd one was hilarious af. He checked my spoofed vm. Showed me usual eventviewer errors. Then went to check my msinfo 32. I downloaded a fake msinfo32 and I forgot to edit the windows version. I was using windows 10. It said windows 7 there but the scammer was so damn retarded (they all are) he reads it and then proceeds to check other things. I still can call back and talk to “paul” of the billing department but I need to get some fake paypal cards/

OKOK so while they were ‘diagnosing’ my pc. They did save an HTML file which looked like a search for microsoft official phone number. I was just checking everything but they forgot to hide their location.
Sector 65, Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

Gonna dig deeper into the file.

P.S. If you call them and you expose them, tell them you know you’re in Noida or Uttar Pradesh. The Sector 65 part is not precise.

You need a new number they arent working

They keep hoping from 1 URL + phone to another. So this might come up again at any time. I will try to get more of their URLs.

1-877-319-2999 – Definitely works. Called this morning and someone picked up saying, “thank you for calling tech support how can I help today?”

1-844-410-0000 – Same instance. But when I called this one the number showed up as Anti-Hacking Software interesting.

I had fun with the second number i said is this tech support the scammer said can you hear me and I said yes I can hear you and I said I got the Pokemon virus and he hung up
I was 27 seconds into the call and he already hung up
I was using a fake number PS

The numbers will come back from time to time. These cunts don’t have a lot of options. I just called them back and exposed them but the retarded scammer cried and was like “DIS IS DA REEZUN Y PAYMANT NOT GO THRO” and cried. It was fun. Now that I know their location, I am gonna give them a call back.

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Today i got called by “microsoft” to renew,my lisence. I live in Holland and they called with this number: 00041176658700
I hope you can call this number to mess them up. Keep up the good work, people!

Hey luukiV. Welcome to the community. You gotta make a new topic for that one. On the main page you can do that by clicking the +New topic button.

P.S. I may sound like a tech support guy asking you to press ctrl + R. Ignore that ty.

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Cool gotta call that with my fake phone number

Edit probably won’t it might be an international number and mg app text now the International calls are 10 dollars or cents or something

+1-877-319-2999 this number works he gets you to use

Ohhhh so this was him. I have been calling him and asking him if he eats cow dung and wasted so much of their time because I didn’t know which one was it lmao I just dialed it from my history.