Microsoft "Official Support "

Simple Javascript thing with a .mp3 file playing on repeat.

called via a burner number, they picked up, They operated US East Times 6am - 9pm EST all days

They pulled the Jerry thing like Jerry ID #4 or something.

They messed up a second time I called them saying Apple Support (that was pretty funny) but then we proceeded to do microsoft “support”, so they do Microsoft and Apple “support”


Your anti virus will act up btw, since it’s using a weird way to play sound files


The pop up really simple, nothing harmful, the site is just refreshing a blank page allot, which will kinda slow your browser, but not really.

	function nocontextmenu() {
    return event.cancelBubble = !0, event.returnValue = !1, !1

function norightclick(a) {
    if (window.Event) {
        if (2 == a.which || 3 == a.which) return !1
    } else if (2 == event.button || 3 == event.button) return event.cancelBubble = !0, event.returnValue = !1, !1

window.Event && document.captureEvents(Event.MOUSEUP), document.layers && document.captureEvents(Event.MOUSEDOWN), document.oncontextmenu = nocontextmenu, document.onmousedown = norightclick, document.onmouseup = norightclick, setTimeout(function() {
}, 200);
var current_location = "index.php?";
    type: "redirect",
    url: "index.php?"
}, document.title, current_location), window.history.pushState(current_location, current_location, current_location), setTimeout(function() {
    alert("Someone Is Trying To Steal Your Banking Details, Credit Card Details & Other Logins. Please Call Microsoft At +1855 375 1777 Immediately To Prevent Data Loss.")
}, 1e3);

Overall, it’s just a harmless website with a Fake JS Popup.
Hope you get them good.

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their full page image

Funny part is, that the popup is also a image

lol damn tech scammers can’t even try for the money they are trying to steal XD

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pretty much.
i was going to scam bait them, but

I use virtual box, and theres a exploit to get out of virtual machines, and i don’t feel like getting vmware all set up, too much work and installs right now ~


To be fair I don’t thin 99 percent of them are sophisticated enough to know how to do that, besides there are alternatives to Virtual Box.
But I get not taking any chances with your machine!



You’ve got to spend money to make money…

But only if it’s legit

They have to keep their “Call centers” ru nning somehow