Microsoft refund 833-456-8223

I can confirm the number is definitely a refund scam and was still active when I called earlier (@ 13:29CST 10/16/19).

I received a call from 833-456-8223 yesterday, playing a recorded message. It stated my Microsoft Security has been compromised and they can no longer provide services to my computer so, they’re going to issue a full refund.
The recording finished by saying, “press one to be connected” but, when I tried pressing “1” (or anything else for that matter) it just replayed the message again.
To check and see if the number was spoofed, I hung up and called it back. It’s definitely a refund scam.

I played with them for a few. I let them connect to my Win10 VM and, when it came time to fill out their form, instead of having me type out my info on notepad, they took me to a Google Form page.

I tried reporting the form to Google, yesterday around 11:45CST (10/15/19). Also, tried reporting it a couple more times this morning but, as of 13:32CST today (10/16/19), the form is still up & running.

Google still has yet to remove it, so it’s still possible to put bullshit data in to poison their lists.
suggested phone numbers include that of FBI Headquarters/offices or using Caribbean area codes in case their VoIP provider would charge them more. (I wonder if using 911 as an area code would cause them to dial emergency services)

Filled out some bs information on there form, might fill it out a few more times later today.