Microsoft Refund Scam [1-888-311-1572]

Hi, I got this number off another website but it’s your typical Microsoft refund scam. I let them remote connect to a virtual machine but provided a fake number for the call back so when the call ended they have not been able to get back in touch.

They’ve been connected to my PC for the past ten minutes, I keep wiggling the mouse to make sure they are still there.

Live - 05/07/2019

Update: they opened a new notepad document and asked if I could call them back on 12097534811.

he just hung up on me lol

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Final update:: When I couldn’t log into my online banking they asked to call me back tomorrow as it was getting late so I split the beans that this was all fake and I know they’re scammers.

The ‘engineer’ then tried to Syskey my PC but was shocked when it wrote the password in plain text and put a notepad document on my desktop with the password.

Laughed in his face until he hung up, realising he had been defeated he tried to delete all the icons off my PC but I just kept moving the mouse.

A couple of notepad documents later laughing in his face further caused him to disconnect from the PC by ending the Team Viewer session on his own.

Connor 1, Tech support scammer 0.


Glad to see the programs working in action. I’ll post more later. Is anyone still able to get ahold of these guys?

edit: stuck on hold, maybe ‘after hours’

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Just called and they instantly told me to ‘shut up and stop calling’. The scammers are onto us but keep trying just to clog up their lines.

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lol, their connected. I guess just expect a long hold due to low ‘employment’

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wow i just called them and he told me his was gay and wanted to be my bf :face_vomiting:

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It just rang for 5 mins