Microsoft Refund Scam [888-866-4261]

Hi, when you call this number make sure to state that you received a voice mail regarding a refund for software you had bought in the past.

These guys are the most gullible refund scammers I’ve ever came across and it legit took them twenty minutes to connect to my PC becuase I kept giving them incorrect details.

Once connected I logged into a demo bank account, he blanked my screen and started changing the vaules and wouldn’t you beleive it he sent me to much money.

He then asked for the payment back in gift cards and was was not happy when I suggested a $9000 subway giftcard.

Reyansh then got pissed and locked my keyboard and mouse and then tried to download a system lock from a dodgy looking website, I rebooted the VM and he disconnected the call.

Apparently they have a website ( but they did not mention this in my call.


Edit: Here’s a screenshot of him getting confused by the demo bank.

Edit: This is the system lock he attempted to put on my virtual machine in case they try it when you call but I would suggest rebooting the VM if they lock your keyboard and mouse input.

Also they will try to syskey and put a user password on the account so if you haven’t already I would suggest setting a user password and downloading a fake System key tool.