Microsoft refund scammer $199.99 - (833) 719-0586

Number: (833) 719-0586, (509) 588-7038

Customer thank you for your support over the past 12 months we valued your contribution we want to remind you that your subscription with computer technical support will expire today if you do wish to continue or cancel your subscription please make sure to talk to our executive as soon as possible or else the subscription amount will be automatically debited from your account by the end of the day.


This guy sets a syskey on everyone’s PC he connects to, hit these guys hard they are fucking assholes.

Edit: also here is the fake refund form they use -


I will try him and i will disable the syskey feature just to fraustrate him

I just trolled him hahahhaha


I can hear u calling him lmao

this is the thing i trolled him with

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He tried deleting all my stuff so I called him the pice of shit of the world and he got pissed and hung up lmfao

LOL every scammer does that

I am getting the thing i troll scammers with on dropbox
so y’all can use i u’s want it is from malcom merlyn on yt

No its not lol lolololololololol

here’s a simple 2-line batch script I just wrote that you can use to syskey-proof your VM, which is perfect for this scammer. to use, all you need to do is copy this into a .bat file within your VM and run it as an administrator:

echo msgbox "The SAM Lock Tool cannot be opened because" ^& chr(13) ^& "the remote user has a tiny penis.", 4112, "Error">%windir%\System32\syskey.vbs
reg add "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options\syskey.exe\" /V Debugger /D "wscript.exe %windir%\System32\syskey.vbs"

the first line writes a simple one-line script to a .vbs file that will be placed in system32 next to the actual syskey exe. the VBScript file simply pops up an error-style message box when run (the message will be on two lines, the “chr(13)” is a linebreak. the quoted “Error” is for the titlebar. feel free to make the message whatever you want)
the second line will put a key in the registry that will cause any attempt to run syskey to instead run the fake error script.

I also did the same thing to Event Viewer in my VM, but with that the title bar says “This is real.” and the message is “System report: Everything is fine. Nothing is ruined.”


Awesome bro thanks for your effort