Microsoft refund scammers - (908) 731-5682

Almost syskeyed one of them but he had 2 another remote software still connected to his pc so he could control it, RIP

Number: (908) 731-5682

This is a reminder call to you that today $499.00 are automatically deducted from your bank account for the Microsoft Windows and license key renewal if you would like to cancel the subscription and want to get your money refunded back to you please call us back on our helpline number 190-873-1568 extension 2 again but helpline number 190-873-1568 extension 2.

The website they use:

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Ended up getting of them after all haha!

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I had a good 1 hour conversation on how to get bank of america to load lmao

Be careful with 900 numbers. They cost YOU money. 800 numbers cost them money, 900 numbers cost you money.

Didn’t cost me a dime

Google Hangouts dialer?

I’m so glad microsoft FINALLY got rid of syskey.

@ScammerRevolts what software did they have you use, TeamViewer?

Called them, talked to “Jordan Watson”. They used ShowMyPC and called back on 302 648 5796.