Microsoft Refund Support 786-588-9073

Here is another Microsoft refund scam. Number: 786-588-9073

The users tried to send me to but it looks like their webhost took the site down already. :laughing:

Next they sent me to to download supremo. When I kept giving them fake passwords they made me search for TeamViewer 9, I assume so they could use the ‘disable user input’ and ‘black screen’ functions.

I was able to connect to two of their computers with TeamViewer and delete files.

I was also able to retrieve real registrant info for

Admin Name: raj maurya
Admin Organization:
Admin Street: chutiya nagar dehradun
Admin City: dehradun
Admin State/Province: Uttarakhand
Admin Postal Code: 248001
Admin Country: IN
Admin Phone: +91.7895667017
Admin Email: [email protected]

Have fun and go to work guys! :wink:

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Got a call back from these guys on a second number now, they really are dumb.


I’ve been able to call them back and connect to two more computers and delete files through this number saying I got a message about a ‘Microsoft refund’.

Seems like the number has been shut down for now ill check back up on it later, sometimes they do reactivate it

Try the second number i posted above and leave a message, they will call back fairly soon. Say you were talking to someone and while you were trying to connect on teamviewer your phone call got disconnected.